DesignWood, color-infused treated wood – a finished project from the start!

DesignWood lasts up to three times longer than other colorant wood on the market and
outlasts cedar and redwood color.


Treated wood with color has transformed the Canadian market in the past decade, saving time and money for hundreds of thousands of outdoor projects in the most severe weather conditions. Treated wood with color saves time and money with no need to initially stain and is growing in popularity with US contractors and DIYers.


DesignWood color is infused in the pressure treating process, penetrating the wood with the preservative. With a rich, warm brown tint, the beauty of natural wood grains shows through. There is no initial staining needed. Your project is finished from the start, saving you time and money.


DesignWood color is the longest lasting color in the industry, lasting up to three times longer than other products on the market. DesignWood was developed and optimized for use with Preserve® CA and Preserve ®ACQ where the interaction with fully dissolved copper penetrates deeper in the wood cells and enhances color life.


Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ, an industry game changer for over two decades, brought more environmentally friendly preservative to the market. Preserve ACQ, commercialized in 1992, earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2002. Its widespread use in North America and Europe eliminated the use of CCA in residential use. Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ preservative are made from 100% recycled copper.


Preserve ACQ is CSA approved and has provided proven protection in Canada in severe environments since 2002. Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ meet the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against termites and fungal attack.


Specifications and Uses


  • Ideal for residential, commercial and certain agricultural projects
  • Above Ground Exposed Use, Ground Contact General Use, Fresh-water Immersion, and Salt-water  
    Splash applications
  • Combined with American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standardized wood preservatives
  • Building code compliant (IRC and IBC)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty* protects the long-term performance of your project

* DesignWood colorant used with Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ treated wood are covered by Lifetime   
   Limited Warranties against damage from fungal decay or termite attack when installed in accordance
   with applicable building code applications. See Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ Lifetime Limited
   Warranties for terms and conditions.

Green Certified Product


DesignWood Colorant can be added to our wood preservatives Preserve CA or Preserve ACQ, which are NAHB Home Innovation Research Labs Green Certified Products for Resource Efficiency.


DesignWood products are eligible to contribute points toward building certification under the National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS).

Proven Soluble Copper Preservative


Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ treatedwood meet the stringent industry standards of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA), the leading authority on wood preservation science.


The International Code Council’s committees recognize AWPA Standards directly in the model building codes (IBC and IRC) for residential and commercial applications.


Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ improve the durability of exterior wood for sustainable building; and are
field-tested and proven-to-last.




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